Quoi que vous fassiez, où que vous alliez, le Touring Hybrid sera présent. Soigneusement intégrée dans son élégant cadre, l’unité motrice Bosch, troisième génération, et son incroyable qualité de pilotage répondent aux défis de vos nouveaux challenges. Prenez la route vers de nouvelles aventures.



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Le confort d’un VAE Bosch et la fiabilité Shimano: le modèle urbain polyvalent

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Tube de selle multicouche

The best place for the battery is without doubt as central and as close to the bottom bracket as possible. All of our step-through frames have been designed with this in mind. Whether located behind the seat tube for added comfort or in front for a slightly sportier feel, the Multi-Chamber Seat Tube carries the added weight of the battery perfectly and absorbs rider-induced oscillations effortlessly. The secret to the incredibly rigid frame is its framework-like chamber construction, which also allows the battery to mesh into the overall design for improved integration.

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