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AMS 100 C:68Afficher les vélos

From cross country to crossing the Alps, this very lightweight race bike is designed for every challenge.

Stereo 120 HPCAfficher les vélos

The combination of the carbon main frame and the aluminum rear end gives maximum performance for singletrails and marathons.

Stereo 120 HPAAfficher les vélos

The high-tech aluminum frame is perfect for single trails and marathon riders. Whether with the agile 27.5" or with the smooth-running 29er, this bike makes everyone happy.

Stereo 140 C:68 / C:62 27.5Afficher les vélos

The perfect trail bike: With agile 27.5" wheels and great suspension performance you can handle every technical section

Stereo 140 HPAAfficher les vélos

If you like tight trails, you'll love this bike. Its 27.5" tires and the lightweight aluminum frame, it handles technical sections with ease.

Stereo 140 C:68 / C:62 29Afficher les vélos

The mixture of 140 mm suspension and 29" tires make this bike perfect for long tours and demanding trails.

Stereo 150 HPAAfficher les vélos

Maximum grip, and trail riding got a new name: B+.

Stereo 160 C:68 / C:62Afficher les vélos

THE Enduro benchmark of CUBE. The high quality C:68 frame, that the Action race the World Series on.

Stereo 160 HPAAfficher les vélos

Reliably tough, handles long enduro tours and shreds in the bike park.

Fritzz 180 HPAAfficher les vélos

Full speed and master of technical trails: The Fritzz is our freeride bike with 180mm suspension.

Two15 HPAAfficher les vélos

Ready for use on the toughest World Cup downhill tracks, 215mm of suspension and one of the lightest aluminum frame, it's one of a kind.