We've decided on our route, now we just have to select the right clothing and supplies for the day. The forecast says it will be partly cloudy with no chance of rain. The route takes in 2,200 metres of climbing, which means 21 °C in the valley and 8 °C at the summit. We'll soon see if I made the right decision – just a couple of miles until we cross the pass. I've left my neck warmer at home but my choice of base layer was perfect. A few more metres and we're at the top – next comes the fast bit: downhill! I just need to take a picture of the stunning sunrise over the mountains first. Then I jump back on the bike, zip up my jacket and off we go. The strong wind is bitterly cold. I'm already looking forward to a warm coffee back in the valley. Whether it's your mountain pass, your race, or your café ride – comfort is everything with our base layers.