Su fuente de energía fi able



The future of e-bikes is all about battery pack integration. Thanks to our Full Integrated Battery technology, the sky‘s the limit for our designers when developing new frame concepts. The best bit? No compromise on technology. From standard batteries to the PowerTube, they virtually disappear into the frame to give our e-bikes exceptional good looks that combine sportiness with elegance. Sealed battery covers protect against dirt and water ingress yet are easy to remove for charging. The in-frame charging option also comes as standard on all e-bikes.


With this special construction method we took the battery and mounted it partially integrated it into the down tube to keep it well protected against mechanical damage from stones and other impacts. We positioned the extra weight of the battery and drive unit more centrally towards the bottom bracket for an extremely low centre of gravity. The result? The bike handles great on the trails and delivers a relaxed and natural ride that will make you forget the motor is even there. The sportive, integrated and agile look is a positive side effect.

Gravity Casting

Gravity Casting takes the development of high-end aluminium frames to the next level. The advanced construction process – involving several post-production steps – moulds liquid aluminium into highly complex frame sections. The motor, cover, battery mount and cable routing combine to form a single module that is always tailored exactly to the bike's intended use. Die casting technology now means that components can be virtually fully integrated into a structure that is specially designed to cope with stress on specific load points and look good at the same time.

Battery hightlights

Las mejores en su categoría: más ligeras imposible

Los Bosch PowerPacks son las baterías con la mejor relación de potencia, tamaño y peso. ¿Qué obtiene Ud. con ellos? Un paquete de fuerza tan ligero que prácticamente no se siente al conducir.

Sencillamente genial: el manejo

Gracias al mango de transporte ergonómico y al soporte óptimo, las baterías pueden insertarse y extraerse fácilmente. Aún más fácil es solo la carga del PowerPack directamente en la eBike.

Elevada autonomía y larga vida útil

Mediante el Battery Management System, su batería está protegida de un modo fiable frente a sobrecarga, descarga profunda, sobrecalentamiento y cortocircuitos. De este modo, aún con un alto kilometraje obtendrá una vida útil prolongada.

Almacenar y cargar sin problemas: siempre y en todas partes

Las baterías de iones de litio no conocen los efectos ”memory“ ni la autodescarga. Por ello, los PowerPacks pueden recargarse en todo momento con cargas parciales sin repercusión en su vida útil.


PowerPacks are the fuel tanks of pedelecs. State-of-the-art lithium-ion technology makes them into efficient and longlasting suppliers of power. As an eBiker you can ride with them very conomically and thus maximize the range of a rechargeable battery charge.

Rolling resistance can be minimized by proper tire pressure. Tip: In order to maximize the range, inflate the tires to the maximum permissible tire pressure.

With decreasing temperature, the efficiency of a rechargeable battery goes down, since the electrical resistance increases. In winter you can thus expect a reduction in the normal range.

Cadences above 50 revolutions per minute optimize the efficiency of the drive unit. In contrast, very slow pedaling is very costly in terms of energy.

As with a car, frequent starting and stopping is less economical than long distances at a nearly constant speed.

Correct shifting also makes eBiking more efficient. It is best to start off and take inclines in a low gear. You then switch to a higher gear in accordance with the terrain and speed.