RFR Light Set TOUR 18 USB

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  • LED front light

  • StVZO (German road traffic regulation) approved

  • 18 lux

  • integrated lithium-polymer battery

  • rechargeable via USB

  • splashproof

  • tool-free assembly

  • LED rear light

  • StVZO (German road traffic regulation) approved

  • integrated lithium battery

  • splashproof

  • adjustable bracket

  • tool-free assembly with quick release

  • clip function

  • Burn time: front: ca. 3 h, rear: ca. 3 h

  • weight: front: 53 g, rear: 22 g

  • plastic
  • front: (LxWxH) 75 x 32 x 32 mm rear: (LxWxH) 42 x 30 x 22 mm

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*Precio de venta recomendado


Stay safe day or night with the RFR Light Set Tour 18 USB. Quick and easy to recharge via USB. 18 lux up front powered by a lithium-polymer battery takes the worry out of riding in the dark. An adjustable bracket and practical quick release at the rear make assembly foolproof. No tools needed at all!

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