ACID Folding Lock RIGID 90

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  • high-security disk cylinder

  • plastic covers protect the frame from scratches

  • ART2 Certification

  • specially hardened locking bolt

  • stainless high performance steel

  • Lockpicking protected

  • ice spray tested

  • saw protection

  • wear-resistant

  • certified pollutant-free

  • holder with additional velcro fastening and two M5 screws

  • incl. three keys

  • weight: 1438 g

  • steel, plastic
  • (DxL) 8 x 900 mm

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*Precio de venta recomendado


The high-security RIGID 90 folding lock is constructed from high-performance, hardened stainless steel and is certified as meeting the rigorous ART2 theft-prevention standard. A strong spring-loaded bolt makes it incredibly easy to use and close securely. The slim, elegant design doesn't just look good – it also shaves weight from the 90cm folding lock to make it practical. Fits to virtually any bike. A low-profile side-opening bracket is simple to screw on in a range of positions or attach using the anti-slip touch fastener. Premium-quality materials and precise workmanship will fend off the most determined theft attempts and stand up to extreme weather conditions. Perfect protection, wherever you are.

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