ACID Chain Lock CORVID K80

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  • extra-secure chain lock

  • 360° rotatable lock body

  • GRIP+ completely rubberized surfaces

  • dust cap

  • low-noise

  • cable and lock body corrosion-protected

  • plastic covers protect the frame from scratches

  • tested for mechanical strength

  • certified pollutant-free

  • incl. two keys

  • steel, plastic
  • (DxL) 6 x 800 mm

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*Precio de venta recomendado


The extra-secure chain lock in our CORVID K range is virtually noiseless yet incredibly sturdy with a tear-resistant, hard-wearing textile sleeve. With 360° of rotation, the EASY ENTRY lock body is incredibly simple to use, while the protective cap keeps the lock mechanism protected against water ingress and dirt. The CONE+ closure reduces the risk of theft further and makes locking and unlocking a cinch. GRIP+ surface technology ensures maximum grip. A rubberised surface prevents corrosion and protects your frame against scratches.

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