ACID Outdoor LED Light HPA 2000

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  • LED light with up to 2000 lumens

  • includes wireless remote control

  • 2x CREE XM-L2 LEDs

  • external Panasonic battery pack with power indicator and rear light function

  • 7 light modes including SOS signal

  • protection class IP68

  • includes helmet mounts and headband with X-Lock mounting system

  • includes carry case

  • compatible with GoPro mounts

  • Burn time: High: ca. 1.5 h, Mid: ca. 3 h, Low: ca. 8 h, Ultra Low: ca. 30 h, Flash: ca. 6 h, S.O.S.: ca. 13 h, Alpine Distress Signal: ca. 105 h

  • weight: light head: 60 g
    battery pack: 140 g

  • aluminium

  • (LxWxH) 33 x 49 x 24 mm

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*Precio de venta recomendado


Turn night into day with this powerful LED light. Emits up to 2,000 lumens and features 7 light modes including SOS signal. The CNC-machined ACID LED Light HPA 2000 attaches quickly and easily via the helmet mount or headlamp strap thanks to the X-Lock system and is compatible with GoPro mounts. Lights listed under "Outdoor" may not be affixed to bikes/vehicles or used on public roads in Germany.

"ACID has got it absolutely spot on with the new HPA 2000. The light, compact construction of the battery and head unit (including GoPro mount), wireless remote control function and bright, consistent beam helped ACID stand out from the pack to take the test win." test rating "outstanding" (MountainBIKE test winner 12/2017)

"A small, lightweight and bright lamp with a good beam pattern. This newbie easily competes with the top dogs. The intelligent bracket design (GoPro compatible), a remote control, rear light function and quality finish round off a harmonious package that's perfect for cyclists. We rate it best value for money! Good: very long burn time in power-saving mode" (Bike 01/2018)

"ACID convinces with the HPA 2000: lightweight, compact design (with all brackets), wireless remote control and bright, homogeneous illumination." (MountainBIKE 12/2018)

"Rated best value for money in 2018, the Acid returns! Don't let the narrow beam put you off: Not only is the Acid plenty bright enough, but its light, compact design makes it a great choice for bikers. The clever GoPro mount, wireless remote control and high-quality finish round off a great package" (Bike 01/2020)

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