Safety is paramount.


The last embers of daylight slowly fade as I leave the office. I unlock my bike and put on the lights. Weaving through the rush-hour traffic, past the cars and onto the main road, the road shakes as a lorry drives past. Thankfully, I am clearly visible from a distance. A quick stop at the supermarket and then it‘s onto the deserted country road. It‘s so dark now, I wouldn‘t be able to see my hand in front of my face if it wasn‘t for the bike lights lighting my way. Stopping at the front door, I look into the dark night behind me and can‘t wait for tomorrow‘s commute.

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Our trip through the mountains does not go to plan. Two punctures later, the clouds start to close in and the light fades. Nightfall stops for no cyclist and we still have plenty of kilometres of winding descents ahead of us. But it‘s no problem with the right lights to hand. Our group flies through the countryside and shreds root trails in the dark. We‘re unstoppable! The perfect beam turns night into day and lets us stay riding for longer.

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Iluminación exterior

La serie de iluminación exterior se caracteriza por sus luces de gran potencia. Esto se consigue utilizando lentes especialmente desarrolladas para optimizar la visibilidad.

Homologada por la normativa alemana de tráfico

Para ofrecer una seguridad óptima, las luces de la serie PRO cumplen la exigente normativa alemana de tráfico. El patrón plano del haz de luz, recortado por arriba, evita deslumbrar a otros usuarios de la vía.