CUBE brand ambassador

Lisa Breckner

Lisa Breckner is born in the Fichtelmountains and therefore it's no surprise that she knows the trails around the CUBE headquarter by heart.

Lisa can't remember a time when she wasn't on a bike. Following her succesful alpine skiing career she discovered a love for riding alpine singletrack – from fast and flowing to challenging and technical. She loves to share her passion for mountain biking with other riders and to be able to help them with tips on improving their technique. In 2012 she joined the Scott Contessa Team, which provided the perfect opportunity for her to prove her skills on a bike.

After completing her master's degree at Innsbruck Universtity she returned home to take over her parent's company.

“What could be better than working with a manufacturer from your home region? CUBE has inevested hugely in bikes, clothing and equipment over the past few years. The bikes in the Woman Like Series are available in small frame sizes, meaning there's something to suit everyone. I want to share the great feeling that CUBE's WLS bikes provide. I'm looking forward to working with CUBE over the next few years – and not just because I know how tempting it's going to be to ride some of the most beautiful trails in the region surrounding CUBE's headquarters!”