Cuando se concede a los diseñadores de CUBE total libertad para emplear los mejores materiales y componentes, el resultado es este: la Elite C:68 SLT. Se trata de una bicicleta de ensueño construida sin restricciones de ningún tipo y provista de la tecnología más avanzada. Desde su transmisión Shimano 2x11 XTR Di2 incluida de serie, hasta sus potentes frenos de disco hidráulicos XTR, pasando por su horquilla Fox Float Factory SC y los componentes Newmen de carbono de la más alta calidad, nos hemos limitado a escoger lo mejor de entre lo mejor. Incluso el juego de ruedas es de carbono, lo que proporciona a esta veloz máquina de competición de incomparable ligereza un punto de alta tecnología que se traduce en un rendimiento apabullante durante el curso de la carrera.

  • application: Alpencross XC/Tour
  • frame material: Carbon
  • talla: 15", 17", 19", 21", 23"
  • Número de artículo: 117300


  • cuadro C:68 Monocoque Advanced Twin Mold Technology, ARG2, Tapered Headtube, PressFit BB, 12x142mm, Integrated Cable Routing
  • talla 15", 17", 19", 21", 23"
  • horquilla Fox 32 Float SC FIT4 Factory, 2-Position Remote Lever, Tapered, 15x110mm Kabolt Axle, 100mm, Kashima Coated
  • dirección FSA Orbit I-t, Integrated, Top 1 1/8", Bottom 1 1/2"
  • potencia Newmen Evolution SL 318.2, 31.8mm
  • manillar Newmen Advanced SL 318.0, Carbon, 740mm
  • puños CUBE SCR
  • rear derailleur Shimano XTR Di2, RD-M9050-DSGS, ShadowPlus, 11-Speed
  • desviador delantero Shimano XTR Di2 FD-M9070, 2x11-Speed
  • manetas Shimano XTR Di2, SW-M9050
  • juego de frenos Shimano XTR BR-M9000, Hydr. Disc Brake (180/160)
  • bielas Shimano XTR FC-M9020, 36x26T
  • cadena Shimano CN-HG900-11
  • color zeroblack
  • piñón Shimano CS-M9000, 11-40T
  • ruedas Newmen Advanced SL X.22 Carbon, 28/28 Spokes, 15x110mm / 12x142mm, Tubeless Ready
  • neumático trasero Schwalbe Racing Ralph, Addix Speed, Kevlar, 2.25, LiteSkin
  • sillín CUBE Race SL Carbon 145
  • tija Newmen Advanced SL, Carbon, 31.6mm
  • abrazadera de sillín CUBE Superlight, 31.8mm
  • neumático delantero Schwalbe Rocket Ron, Addix Speed, Kevlar, 2.25, LiteSkin
  • peso 8,9 kg


Geometry Tubo del sillín Tubo del sillín centro-centro Horizontal del tubo superior Ángulo del sillín Ángulo del tubo de dirección Vainas Tubo de dirección Batalla Altura pedalier<br>respecto a buje Reach Stack
  • Info
  • 15"
  • 17"
  • 19"
  • 21"
  • 23"


La más reciente tecnología de carbono incorporada en nuestro proceso de producción monocasco Advanced Twin Mold -en combinación con nuestro carbono de alta gama C:68- se traduce en un cuadro vanguardista con una ligereza y rigidez extremas sin detrimento de la comodidad. Lo configuramos de forma que pudiéramos exprimir al máximo la velocidad. Así que incorpora un tubo de dirección cónico con cajas de rodamientos de carbono y un eje pasante de 12 mm que maximiza la precisión de la dirección. También hemos encajado la pinza de freno en las vainas para permitir unos tirantes más delgados capaces de absorber las vibraciones, lo que te mantendrá cómodo y con reservas de energía durante más tiempo. También hemos previsto la inclusión del guiado necesario para montar una tija telescópica, para el caso de que te apetezca una mejora en el futuro. Nuestros ingenieros tienen un lema muy claro: el diablo está en los detalles.

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  • Icon of CUBE technology Adaptable X12 Hanger
      • Image of CUBE technology Adaptable X12 Hanger
      • Adaptable X12 Hanger

        We optimized our new dropout design based on the Syntace X12 through-axle system, enlarging the area of the frame where the hanger is mounted. We can now fit the longer Direct Mount hangers. Shifting precision and stiffness is therefore improved. With the new design it's also possible to swap the whole contact area of the axle with the hanger should the system be worn out.

  • Icon of CUBE technology Agile Ride Geometry
      • Image of CUBE technology Agile Ride Geometry
      • Agile Ride Geometry

        We ran innumerable tests to develop the Agile Ride Geometry in our series of big wheel bikes. We also added the 27.5in wheel size to the very well received portfolio. Three important details lead to the very agile character. Increased fork offsets let us achieve the same trail as our 26in bikes without having to steepen the head angle, thus maintaining generous toe clearance to the front wheel. Secondly we shortened the chain stays without compromising the seat angle. We invented a patented construction to mount the front derailleur to give us more tyre clearance while keeping a conventional seat angle, leading to a perfect riding position for every rider size. Last but not least we kept the BB height the same as on our 26in bikes. These measures lead to a natural riding position. Every mountain biker will feel immediately at home on a CUBE 29er or 27.5.

  • Icon of CUBE technology Advanced Twin Mold
      • Image of CUBE technology Advanced Twin Mold
      • Advanced Twin Mold

        This technique uses a complete core to provide the perfect frame form during the lay-up process. As with the Twin Mold technology, precise inserts are used to ensure extra strength at high-stress frame points. This combination offers maximum control over fibre orientations during the lay-up and production process. The Advanced Twin Mold high-tech carbon manufacturing process translates to outstanding product safety and quality together with optimum weight and stiffness characteristics.

  • Icon of CUBE technology Integrated Cable Routing
      • Image of CUBE technology Integrated Cable Routing
      • Integrated Cable Routing

        Internally routed cables offer many advantages. Cables are protected from dirt for longer life, weight is saved thanks to the absence of external housing and the bike has a clean, sleek appearance.

  • Icon of CUBE technology Integrated Post Mount
      • Image of CUBE technology Integrated Post Mount
      • Integrated Post Mount

        The post mount rear brake system is found on all carbon fiber frames and top aluminum full suspension models. Two bolts and the IS adpater aren’t needed anymore, and fewer parts means less weight. In this case we save 30 grams. This may not sound a lot. But there's potential to save weight in every detail.

  • Icon of CUBE technology Press Fit BB
      • Image of CUBE technology Press Fit BB
      • Press Fit BB

        With Press Fit bearings, the bottom bracket bearings are pressed directly into the frame and not screwed in as usual. This gives a wider bottom bracket shell and allows us to build a wider down tube and more broadly-spaced chainstays. Every millimetre of additional width gives a significant improvement in lateral stiffness.

  • Icon of CUBE technology Stealth Ready
      • Image of CUBE technology Stealth Ready
      • Stealth Ready

        Dropper seat posts are getting more and more widespread, but to integrate them optimally in the frame, they have to be factory fitted. With the Stealth Ready frames, it is possible to build in a dropper seat post with internally routed cables, which besides the clean look, helps prevent any cables getting jammed. The exit of the cable on the frame – if not required – will be sealed with a cover for protection.

  • Icon of CUBE technology Tapered Steerer
      • Image of CUBE technology Tapered Steerer
      • Tapered Steerer

        This steerer tube design is stiffer than a conventional straight steerer and yields a more secure ride feel even in difficult terrain. Minimal flex at the front of the frame means the greatest possible steering precision. With the larger steerer, the forks become more rigid. At the same time weight is saved due to the absence of bearing shells as the lower bearing is fully integrated into the head tube. On all of our CUBE carbon models the upper bearing shells are also directly in the frame, so that once more a few grams are saved and the energy transfer is very direct.

  • Icon of CUBE technology X12 Through Axle
      • Image of CUBE technology X12 Through Axle
      • X12 Through Axle

        In this system, a cone is used to form a play-free connection. It is only necessary to tighten the axle from one side. The position of the wheel is done by an insert in the right-hand dropout which is secured by a bolt. The main advantages of the Syntace system are quick and simple changing of the wheel, reliable position of the brake disc and higher stiffness of the rear of the bike. This allows the assembly to be made lighter than a conventional through-axle.

  • Icon of CUBE technology C:68 Carbon Fiber Technology
      • Image of CUBE technology C:68 Carbon Fiber Technology
      • C:68 Carbon Fiber Technology

        CUBE’s highly innovative new C:68 carbon fibre technology allows us to build better bikes than ever. Typically,
        carbon fibre frames are around 60% carbon fibre, with the rest being the resin that bonds the fibres together. By distributing carbon fibres evenly, we can make thinner layers within the frame and reduce the amount of resin. Those fibres are a mixture of Ultra High Modulus, High Modulus Spread Tow and Intermediate Modulus carbon, each chosen for the needs of the particular area of the frame. Nanoparticles within the resin itself allows it to be distributed more evenly when under pressure in the frame mould. The result is a range of frames with 68% carbon fibre – lower weight, higher stiffness, more fun.