TonopahMostrar bicicletas

High-end trekking frames plus the finest components- with this bike you could travel around the world.

CrossMostrar bicicletas

Ambitions cyclists love this bike and it's also suitable as a tour bike for planned or sporadic excursions.

NatureMostrar bicicletas

An all-rounder for fitness training and city tours it can be made into fully fledged touring bike.

CurveMostrar bicicletas

The perfect bike for an introduction to the world of cycling.

EditorMostrar bicicletas

With its clean look, a lot of style and the whisper-quiet belt drive this is the perfect bike for urban use.

HydeMostrar bicicletas

This bike rolls through the urban jungle with a simple and elegant aluminum frame with stylish details.

EllyMostrar bicicletas

A colorful, sporty bike with lots of charm - perfect for the city or a tour.

KathmanduMostrar bicicletas

From weekend tour to bike tour this high-quality, full trekking bike does it all.

DelhiMostrar bicicletas

It is important to discover the whole world - this fully equipped trekking bike makes it easier for you to do just that.

TouringMostrar bicicletas

Fully equipped for longer trips with packed bags. The journeys just begun.

TownMostrar bicicletas

Relaxed through the city: the Town is our comfortable carefree bike with full equipment.

TravelMostrar bicicletas

Low maintenance, lightweight and fully equipped - this bike is the perfect companion for globetrotters.