LITENING C:68Mostrar bicicletas

The bike for the professionals - thanks to our high-end C:68 Carbon frame and race optimized geometry.

LITENING C:62Mostrar bicicletas

A lightweight, dream bike for ambitious cyclists with a high-quality C:62 carbon frame.

AGREE C:62Mostrar bicicletas

With this bike, there are no compromises: C:62 Carbon frame, disc brakes and maximum aerodynamics it's ready for racing.

ATTAIN GTCMostrar bicicletas

Comfortable on tours, lightweight carbon fiber frame and with the option of discs make a great all rounder.

ATTAIN HPAMostrar bicicletas

A high-quality aluminum frame for long tours with high comfort levels, ergonomically balanced and complete with a disc option.

CROSS RACEMostrar bicicletas

Reliable through mud, wind and the harshest conditions even when racing.

SL ROADMostrar bicicletas

With the SL road, it's quick and comfortable to work and you can even do a relaxing after work ride.

Aerium C:68Mostrar bicicletas

Optimized for speed - this Carbon bike is for ambitious triathletes and time trialists.

Aerium HPAMostrar bicicletas

A true multi-sport triathlon bike with a high-quality high-performance aluminum frame.