C:62 Shoes

Made for Racing

The new C:62 high performance outsole is a symbiosis of lightness and stiffness.

It optimises power transfer while ensuring an improved riding experience. The intelligent details featured on this high-end shoe include a dial closure system and Velcro fasteners that are easy to operate while wearing gloves, good foot aeration, and the CuBE Protection Shield to prevent injuries to the toes.

The C:62 mountain bike shoe represents superb quality, from its soft tongue to relieve pressure on the tendons to the reflective elements that increase passive visibility.

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Assymmetric Design with Function

The asymmetric design gives CUBE shoes a unique and different look from all angles. Reflective logos increase passive visibility on the road and on transfer rides to/from the trail at dusk.

CUBE Protection Shield

In mountain biking, feet often take quite a beating. To reduce the impact of flying rocks, the MTB C:62 shoe features a tough toe cap that is fixed to the upper shoe via an elaborate welding process, ensuring permanent protection that won’t come off. 

CUBE Natural Fit

The CUBE C:62 shoes are designed following the Natural Fit Concept: The advanced Natural Fit moulding of the one piece upper means it remains comfortable even after riding for hours on end.

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atoP® turning lock

A quick and firm fixation of the shoe, as well as a firm hold while biking is provided by the Atop® turning lock.