CUBE Action Team

Nico Lau

One of the world´s fastest Enduro riders.

French MTB star and Team leader. The likable 28-year-old has been a Team member since the beginning. He loves Enduro for the thrill and for experiencing nature together with friends. Winning the Tweedlove Enduro World Series event and multiple podium spots once again proved that he is one of the world´s fastest Enduro riders.

About Nico

What motto describes you best?

“Work like if you don’t need the money
Love like you’ve never been hurt
Dance like no one’s watching
Sing like no one’s listening
Ride like no one’s is following you
And live everyday as if it were your last…”

How would your best friends describe you - 3 words?

Humble, cheerful, efficient.

Why do you ride DH/4x/Enduro?

I ride in enduro because for me it’s the best way to keep in shape, find the adrenaline, be in contat with nature, share moments with friends. That’s great. That’s my perception of ENDURO.

What is your favorite spot?

Vosges Massif (France).

What is your biggest spleen?

2010 - Come back in France - The period before I quit the French brand Labyrinthbikes, when everyday was a hard time to reconcile my work and my feelings I was fighting against this clash issue.

What is your favorite music/song during training?

Red Richards “Love at first sight”

The Black Keys “Loneley boy “.

Sport is hard work and needs a lot discipline. What is the hardest exercise in your fitness program?

Prepare exercises are always difficult when you make them seriously, the more they become more intensive the more they are! I’m only at the beginning. Thanks to my coach for what she makes me do...

Interview with Nico

The 2016 season... What was your best race?

Results-wise my best race was in Aspen with a 2nd place. Argentina was very emotional and ending up with a stage win in Italy was a blast. I couldn't say one race was better than another... The fact is that every race has its own story.

What are your goals for the upcoming season?

Keep charging hard on my bike at EWS with maximum fun. I also want to open some new completely legal bike trails near my home in Alsace with my association, Trails Patrol.

4 riders in the team in 2017 – can you tell us something about the team spirit?

The team got bit smaller what with André leaving. But the relationship with everyone is strong. I like the ecosystem we have kept alive for many years. For me, it is so important to hang out with people with the same vibes as me when travelling.

What does racing mean to you?

First of all, for me EWS racing is an opportunity to discover new MTB spots. Second, it's an opportunity to ride against the clock and put my best MTB skills to the test in an unfamiliar place. 

Training with CUBE's Hybrid during the winter time is a great alternative way to get fit. Why you use this new toy for your performance?

Because it provides non-stop fun. I need fun in order to be a fast rider. E-bikes are good friends and I love going out looking for the #uphillflow. 
Also talking e-bikes with farmers/hunters/politicians in my home region makes me feel there is a real future for them and that gives me extra motivation to push hard on the pedals.

What will be your race highlight in 2017?

The 8 EWS rounds.

The Stereo 29" Action Team Edition is your choice for the 2017 season – how is it different to last year's race bike and what do you like so much about it?

Frame- and setup-wise there are no big changes. I proved in 2016 that the bike is very efficient with my TP win and EWS 5th place overall. Fox is providing us with its boost fork with the new cartridge, and we also have 30 mm wheels from DT Swiss as an option if needed for dry conditions.

Travelling and racing with the A TEAM is for you...?

Imagine you are working really well on a project and you know you have the right tools to reach the goal.

You feel confident. 

Thank you to all of the A team partners for giving me that feeling.



Rank 1 - Trans Provence (FRA)

Rank 3 - Finale Ligure (ITA), Enduro World Series

Rank 4 - Whistler (CAN), Enduro World Series

Rank 2 - Aspen Snowmass (USA), Enduro World Series

Rank 5 - Cerro Catedral (ARG), Enduro World Series


Rank 1 - Riva (ITA), Specialized Sram Enduro Series

Rank 1 - Sölden (AUT), European Enduro Series

Rank 9 - Finale Ligure (ITA),  Enduro World Series

Rank 4 - Ainsa-Sobrarbe (SPA), Enduro World Series


Rank 2 - Crankworx Whistler (CAN), Enduro World Series

Rank 1 - Tweedlove (SCO), Enduro World Series

Rank 1 - Riva (ITA), Specialized Sram Enduro Series


Rank 1 - Trans Provence (FRA)

Rank 1 - Val d'Isère (FRA), Enduro World Series

Rank 1 - Maxiavalanche (FRA)



Now I’m a part of the C.A.T and that is the biggest turning point in my professional mountain biker life..!!


Rank 1 - CaiDOM

Rank 1 - Trans Provence

Rank 1 - Megavalanche La Reunion



In the aftermath I integrated “CUBE FRANCE” and then it all starts with solid bases with this amazing German manufacturer. I make a difficult but promising season by altering work and training.


Back to France

I moved back to France to work alongside this brand. Unfortunately things didn’t get as well as I hoped. I decided to quit from this firm and returned to my automobile painter job.


Career Start

I travelled to Canada to experience life in another country and see how it feels to ride over there. In the same time, a small French brand helped me in the very first season of competition.