RFR Mobile Phone Mount PRO

  • Adapter with ball joint for individual angle adjustment

  • reinforced back panel for more stability

  • tool-free disassembly/assembly

  • sensitive touchscreen foil

  • coated zipper

  • waterproof

  • Suitable for mobile phones with a maximum size of 15 x 8 cm

  • weight: 77 g

  • TPU

  • 155 x 80 mm

Art. No:

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Safe, stable and flexible - Whenever you need your mobile phone, the RFR Mobile Phone Mount PRO is the ideal companion for the road. With its ball joint adapter, the position is individually adjustable, so you can always keep one eye firmly on your stats. Welded seams and a coated zipper protect the mobile phone from scratches, dust and moisture. The sophisticated design ensures a secure hold and provides the best functionality and operability during your ride.