RFR Pump Shock&Tire

  • long flex hose with metal Schrader valve and Presta valve adapter
  • 1.5" industrial pressure gauge
  • aluminium pump with two-stage pump system
  • switch between high volume and high pressure
  • air release valve
  • includes bracket
  • 300 psi max.
  • aluminium
  • (L) 240 mm

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Under pressure! Keep your entire set-up dialled on the trail with the Shock&Tire from RFR – ideal for full-suspension and hardtail mountain bikes. The shock pump's patented Schrader head with Presta adapter and a long flex-hose guarantee maximum flexibility. Choose between high pressure and high volume depending on what's attached to the other end of the hose! Fine adjustments are a cinch courtesy of the air release valve and pressure gauge!