It’s another one of those hot and dusty summer days made for lying in the hammock with a cold drink. My friends are sure to be at the local ice cream parlour. But I have other plans. Despite the sweltering heat, my mind is already on the next race – because I’m the proud owner of a tried-and-tested CUBE drinking bottle. I keep an eye on the level as always and know exactly how much I have left in the tank. Not a single drop of precious liquid goes to waste through the soft, ergonomic drinking cap, so there’s even enough left for me to add on an extra loop at the end. I stay one sip ahead of the rest with the CUBE drinking bottles.


Designed for everything from mountain bike races to spring classics on the road bike or the first bike outing with the kids – the lightweight bottle cages not only keep a firm grip on my bottle, they are also quick to mount and easy to access. With a range of technologies and looks to choose from I find the perfect CUBE bottle cage to complement my bike. Just what I was looking for! And there are plastic, aluminium or carbon versions available.