Leaving behind the routine and responsibilities of everyday life is something we all have to do every now and again. No stress, no obligations. To break the space-time continuum for a couple of days and immerse ourselves in unfamiliar worlds. On the search for new adventures, large and small, with the scent of freedom in the air.


To be able to jump on the bike and see where the journey takes you. That‘s our definition of luxury. Mother Nature sets the rhythm and the course – beguiling us with romantic sunsets, ice-cold waterfalls and fascinating landscapes. Endorphins are our magic ingredient – they‘re free and unlimited on the Brazilian flow trails. The best bit? The only side effects are the huge grins on our faces that stay with us long after the trip is over. And when we finally leave this paradise on earth to re-join civilisation, the people we meet are open and friendly. It puts things into perspective. Life here is simple and the pace is much slower than at home. Things that seem important to us quickly become small and insignificant.


To go biking in Brazil is to discover untouched nature, commanding flat-topped mountains, huge elevated plains, deep canyons, crystal-clear waterfalls and gnarly singletrack. We end a long day sleeping under the stars – could there be anything better? These are the moments to remember. Every trail and every trip comes to an end sooner or later. It‘s time to take our luggage and memories home. But, when one trip ends, another begins. Looking forward to the next downtime gives us the energy we need to cope with the demands of everyday life. Never stop making plans.

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