Take the path less travelled – with the Access Hybrid, you can go your own way. Sleek, agile and with the equipment you need to tackle any trail, it's the Bosch e-bike that's been missing from your off-road adventures. Ride further, faster and more adventurously. It's all there for the taking.

WS Access Hybrid SLT 500

There are times when only the best will do – and we're here to tell you that this is one of those times. The Access Hybrid SLT encompasses everything that we know about building light, great handling hardtails for women... with the added power of Bosch's superb CX drive system and a stunning selection of premium components. There's no better Bosch e-mtb for women... and no better way of expanding your trail riding horizons.

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Tuned Drive Position

Unlike the conventional position of the Bosch drive unit in the frame, we rotate the motor by between 8° and 31°, depending on the bike's intended use. This allows the chain stays to be connected lower down on the frame and thus drastically minimises chain slap. The length of the chain stays can also be optimised as a result. The sportive and agile look is a positive side effect.

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