This year our engineering team began with a blank sheet of paper and gave the Sting 140 HPC a completely new frame. With shorter chainstays and a steeper seat angle for better climbing and more responsive handling in singletrack, the carbon main frame also features a longer reach and geometry designed for 150mm forks. We fitted a Boost 148 axle at the rear to complement the tapered steerer's more accurate steering, and we even managed to hide the pivot points and tuck the cables inside the frame for a clean, svelte appearance that you'll love. The whole thing is lighter, stiffer and better handlng than ever, which is great news... because you can just concentrate on the ride!

ISCG Chain Guide

It takes a lot to push the Stereo 140 HPC 27.5 to its limits, so the ISCG05 chain guide mount is an absolutely essential piece of kit. The standardised three-point system is cleverly integrated into the two-piece bottom bracket shell and guarantees optimised mounting of the chain guide (including retrofits) for improved stability and impact resistance. The mounting points are arranged around the bottom bracket to ensure an optimum adjustment range for all frames and equipment.

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