Cubie 120Show Bikes

Perfect for the little ones: The Cubie bike trains the sense of balance and inspires future athletes.

Kid 160Show Bikes

Ready for your first tour? The 16'' bike is perfect for exploring on two wheels.

Kid 200Show Bikes

The best bike for young trail pirates who want to experience the joy or cycling with their parents.

Kid 240Show Bikes

High-quality mountain bikes for all young riders - ready for their next off-road adventure.

KID 240 SL

Kids - are you wondering why dad's bike is lighter than yours? The Kid 240 SL will change that! This is a bike designed for enthusiastic riding - perfect for junior mountain bikers. It's an exceptionally high quality children's bike which manages to be both perfect for off-road riding and extremely light - all thanks to a new aluminium frame, air-sprung fork, hydraulic disc brakes and 1x11 gear setup.

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