Low Maintenance






Elly Cruise HybridShow Bikes

A colorful, carefree bike with high quality features- it's a bike that stands for pure joy.

Elly Ride HybridShow Bikes

A sporty bike with lots of charm - perfect for the city or a tour..

Delhi HybridShow Bikes

With the high-quality aluminum frames and high reliability this bike is perfect for everyday and tours.

Travel HybridShow Bikes

A milestone of modern urban mobility: low maintenance and comfort-oriented.

Touring HybridShow Bikes

A sporty and versatile bike for city traffic as well as for long multi-day tours.

Cross HybridShow Bikes

Suitable for everyday use, versatile and dynamic with increased energy for everyday life and long tours.

CUBE Cross Hybrid SL Allroad

Brand new for 2017, the Cross Hybrid SL Allroad 500 represents the pinnacle of our versatile Cross range. Our designers wanted a e-bike that cut no corners in the pursuit of the ultimate blend of comfort, safety and performance. That's why they selected components like the RockShox fork and 11-speed XT transmission - because when you demand the very best, you expect your bike to be able to deliver.

Show Cross Hybrid

Bosch motor - biking with unknown dynamics

The new Bosch Drive Unit Performance CX is the ideal off-road ride. This powerhouse will excite trail enthusiasts with a torque of up to 75 Nm, powerful pedal assistance up to 300%, and a dedicated mountain bike design. Real flow on the trail with incredible power transfer.

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