CUBE Actionteam

Gusti Wildhaber

Action, fun, risk and adrenaline – words that best describe Gusti. After some injuries Gusti now wants to conquer the Enduro World Series podium in the next season. His unique racing style and impressive physical condition make a successful season a real prospect.

About Gusti

What motto describes you best?

Just regret what you did not do.

How would your best friends describe you – 3 words?

Crazy, entertaining, funny.

Why do you ride DH/4x/Enduro?

It is one of the most varied sports and the most important aspect is to be in nature.

What is your favorite spot?

Around Davos. You can drive in 5-6 h 9000Hm without using the same trail.

What is your biggest spleen?

I'm very, very impatient. Except with my kids, I have nerves of steel.

What is your favorite music/song during training?

"In The End" - Linkin Park

Sport is hard work and needs a lot discipline. What is the hardest exercise in your fitness program?

Whether gym, interval or long endurance training - I love it. It's more about sports: organising, packing, travelling, mails and so on.

What is your motivation?

My children. I want them to see me on the podium.



2x Rank 1 - Lenzerheide, Bike Attack


Rank 4 - Chile, Enduro World Series


Rank 3 - Trans Provence