The win will be mine! I know exactly which line to take this time through the last corner to carry maximum momentum onto the finishing straight and get into the best position for the sprint. Past the pothole that destroyed my tyre last time and cost me the win. One last gear change – hopefully it‘s the right one. I push down on the pedals and demand everything of my chain and my thigh muscles. My bike and I are both at the limit. One last glance at the exit of the corner and the contorted faces of my rivals. I keep a cool head in every challenge – thanks to CUBE‘s road helmets.



It was love at first sight when I discovered this trail years ago. It‘s pure flow with loads of jumps – a paradise for me and my bike. Countless lines keep boredom at bay and put all my skills to the test. If only I could make it through the gnarly rock garden I‘ve never managed without crashing. But I never stop trying, because my CUBE mountain bike helmet has my back. It keeps the chances of injury down to a minimum so I can focus on the challenge and hone my skills!

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It‘s another rainy Monday morning. Another annoying search for my car key. That‘s when I decide: Things will be different today! I grab my bike, helmet and rain jacket and head out into the wet. I begin my day motivated and on a high, knowing that my colleagues were stuck in traffic – again. The fresh air and exercise help my day to fly by and just as I finish work the skies brighten up. I cycle to the nearby lake and enjoy a hard-earned refreshing lemonade in the evening sunshine. Our touring helmets are as varied as the weather and reliable companions, whatever the situation.

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Today‘s the day I am finally allowed to ride to school unsupervised. Dad and I have ridden the route and gone over every dangerous bit a hundred times. Mum has packed my lunch and explained the way over and over – they both think I‘ll stick to it. On the way there, I carefully keep to the agreed route – but on the way home, I‘m hungry for adventure. I‘ve heard from some of the older boys about an awesome jump on the building site, and it only involves a short detour. Time will tell if I can nail the jump, but I know I‘ll be well protected trying. The CUBE junior bike helmets not only put my parent‘s minds at ease, they also protect the heads of young adventurers.

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