CUBE ATX Utility Poncho Safety

Doporučená prodejní cena*


  • durably water-repellent 2.5-layer technical fabric

  • water-repellent front zip

  • taped seams

  • adjustable peaked hood

  • hood can be worn above the helmet

  • side pockets with zip

  • reflective material

  • outside 100% polyamide, membrane 100% polyurethane


Číslo výrobku:

*Doporučená prodejní cena


The ATX Utility Poncho Safety is all you'll need to fend off the wind and rain on dark days. Combining multi-layered technical fabric, taped seams and a water-resistant zip, it's your stay-dry guarantee. An integrated peak on the hood keeps the water out of your eyes and allover reflective fabric dramatically improve visibility even in a heavy downpour.

"The CUBE ATX Utility Poncho Safety is a lifesaver on those dark and wet days. With its fully reflective surface, it increases your visibility to the next level without a lurid neon yellow shine to blind you. The waterproof material, water-repellent zipper and taped seams ensure that you stay dry and comfortable inside. Fear not, the poncho doesn't just hang listlessly over your shoulders and offers plenty of functionality instead. The sides can be clipped together to form sleeves or you can drape it over your arms, hands and bars, while straps around the torso and wrists keep it securely in place. Only the bulky pack size is a bit annoying. Conclusion: the CUBE ATX Utility Poncho Safety is an exceptionally well-implemented companion for year-round, everyday life on the bike, which combines safety with comfort. Be seen and stay dry!"

- DESIGN & INNOVATION AWARD 2022 - Category "Urban"


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