RFR Spiral Cable Lock 12 x 1800 mm

Doporučená prodejní cena*
  • extra-secure spiral lock

  • tested for mechanical strength

  • wear-resistant

  • certified pollutant-free

  • cable and lock body corrosion-protected

  • plastic covers protect the frame from scratches

  • interface for universal holder

  • incl. two keys

  • weight: 550 g

  • steel, plastic
  • (DxL) 12 x 1800 mm

Číslo výrobku:

*Doporučená prodejní cena


Very robust spiral lock with a steel cable diameter of 12 mm and a cable length of 1800 mm. Steel cable and lock body are corrosion-protected and therefore perfectly ready for daily use. An extra secure lock cylinder protects your bicycle around the clock.

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