Test reviews 05/13/2019

CUBE AMS 100 C:68 TM - Test Winner "Mountainbike"

"Light bike – Agile handling – Great spec

Take a lightweight race full susser, swap out the front suspension for a 120 mm fork and hey presto you've got a turbo-powered trail bike! It's a formula that works really well with the AMS 100 TM, especially when the trail points downwards. The CUBE playfully throws itself into the descents, weaving its way around the turns with glee. The added reserves courtesy of the longer-travel fork really come into their own when things get gnarly. And with those extra millimetres lifting up the front end, the head angle is shallower than on the standard AMS 100 for an extra helping of stability and safety. The higher bottom bracket also means you don't sit quite as low in the bike as you do with other brands like the Rocky, for example. This lightweight Bavarian bike accelerates quickly, stays fast and climbs nimbly, while great traction comes courtesy of the rear shock. Kitted out with really well-chosen, high-quality components including a dropper seatpost, this fast, touring-ready full susser is the business!"

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