News 12/10/2018

Andreas Raelert shows positive performance in Bahrain

6th place in a world-record competition at the Ironman 70.3 Middle East Championship – Good signal for further goals in the first race after a long break

Bahrain. Andreas Raelert showed a positive appearance in his first race after a long break at the Ironman 70.3 Middle East Championship Bahrain. He finished in 6th place after 1.9 kilometers of swimming, a 90 kilometer bike ride and a 21.1 kilometer run in 3:40:01 in a competion which was very fast right from the get-go. The defending champion, Kristian Blummenfelt from Norway, won the Middle East Championship in the new world-best time of 3:29:04 hours. Blummenfelt took the title in front of his compatriots Gustav Iden, who finished in 3:29:25 hours, and Casper Stornes, who needed 3:33:31 hours to cross the line. "I have to pay my tribute to Kristian," said Andreas Raelert after his finish, "the race was on a very high level right from the start, and Kristian managed to finish this competition with a new world record." Andreas Raelert was also happy with his own performance: "Today, the main thing for me was to have a good re-entry into competition. Overall, this worked out well.“

The pace was really high already in the water, the group of the top favorites early embarked on a record course in Bahrain. "I could bring myself into a good position early in the water," said Andreas Raelert later, "my performance in the water was okay." Local hero Eric Watson led the field out of the water after 20:58 minutes. Andreas Raelert exited the water in 21:36 minutes in 7th position, side by side with Kristian Blummenfelt, and he started onto the flat, fast and windy bike course right behind the defending champion. Only a few moments later, Blummenfelt started a break-away together with his two training colleagues Gustav Iden and Casper Stornes and Adam Bowden from Great Britain. "They hit a really tough pace right after leaving transition," said Andreas Raelert, "I was very respectful and didn’t attack at this point. I didn’t want to touch the limit so early in the race." Andreas Raelert eventually finished the bike course in 2:01:20 hours and started the run in 8th place.

A close battle unfolded under the heat of Bahrain during the run. The Norwegian training colleagues Kristian Blummenfelt, Gustav Iden and Casper Stornes kept the pace enormously high at the front while Andreas Raelert was focused right from the run start and worked his way into 6th position until he passed the 10-kilometer mark. In front of him, there was the leading Norwegian trio, the strong British runner Adam Bowden in 4th place and Matt Trautmann from South Africa. "I could see Matt," said Andreas Raelert, who came closer to Trautmann. The gap was only about half a minute, but Andreas Raelert finally couldn’t make up this ground. "Overall, I am satisfied," said Andreas Raelert after finishing his run in 1:12:57 hours. "There's still a lot of work to do on the way to the Ironman Hawaii, but today's race was a solid start. I can build my further training on this."