When the lure of the open road is impossible to ignore, that's when you know you're ready for a CUBE road race bike. Whatever your road-going aspirations – whether it's simply to explore further afield, train with your riding buddies or lead out the peloton in the chase for a podium finish – we've a bike to suit you. Whichever one you choose, you can be sure that it's precisely the right combination of light weight, responsiveness and comfort.






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Litening C:68 SL

The CUBE Litening C:68 SL is so fast – even on the climbs – that it'll make your eyes water. No word of a lie. This ultralight and super stiff race machine will appeal to speed freaks, adarenaline junkies and died-in-the-wool racers alike. As near as we can get to a pro level race machine, our design team cut no corners in their quest to maximise performance.

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Cross Race C:62 SLT

You'll know when cyclocross has really got to you, because you won't be able to wait for the weekend to come around again. The Cross Race C:62 SLT was developed for cyclocross afficionados with mud running through their veins. Ultralight, perfectly formed and equipped with one goal in mind: to win.

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For demanding female riders

Women's Series

We know that women are different from men; that much is obvious. That’s why we developed our range of Woman Like Series bikes specifically for women. But it's not only the color of the bikes that is adapted to women - mostly, the geometry is specifically developed for the female anatomy. With the Women's Series, women can get exactly what they want!

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