Access WLSShow Bikes

Perfect for relaxed tours: ultra-modern with comfort-oriented framework for adventurers.

Access WLS SLShow Bikes

Our Top-Lady-Hardtail is made ​​of super lightweight aluminum with high quality equipment for ambitious riders.

Access WLS GTCShow Bikes

Whether marathon or XC, each rider will love the super lightweight carbon bike full of high tech features.

Sting WLS 120Show Bikes

The high-quality aluminum frame makes this bike perfect for sporty and ambitious female trail riders.

Sting WLS 140Show Bikes

THE all-mountain bike for women with 140mm of suspension is perfectly suited for even the toughest trails.

Axial WLSShow Bikes

Well-balanced and versatile with a high-quality aluminum frame - for ambitious bike riders.

Axial GTCShow Bikes

This touring and sport bike with a disc option brings every trip to the next level.

Axial C:62Show Bikes

Aerodynamic and light: this high end bike includes disc brakes for any ambitious rider.


Access WLS Hybrid Show Bikes

Whether city or trail, this e-bike with it's Bosch engine and geometry is optimized for the female rider

Sting WLS Hybrid Show Bikes

Perfect for tours and trails, with quality features and geometry that is optimized for women.

Women's Series: For demanding female riders

We know that women are different from men; that much is obvious. That’s why we developed our range of Woman Like Series bikes specifically for women. But it's not only the color of the bikes that is adapted to women - mostly, the geometry is specifically developed for the female anatomy. With the Women's Series, women can get exactly what they want: fitness, relaxed rides or trail adventures.

Size Split: The right MTB for every woman

Size Split divides frame sizes according to the two wheel sizes of 27.5 and 29 inch. On the one hand, it means that every woman can select the right size bike to match her height. On the other, we make sure that the experience of mountain biking is as fun and efficient as it possibly can be.

Sting WLS Hybrid 120 SL

The Sting WLS Hybrid 120 seamlessly blends the perfect trail bike with a fleet-footed, powerful e-MTB. We've built this bike to be an absolutely reliable companion, combining a high quality frame with plenty of innovative features and sturdy, dependable components. 

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