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Stereo Hybrid 160 | 27.5Show Bikes

Built for tough trails and hard ascending thanks to a stronger motor and 160mm of suspension.

Stereo Hybrid 140 | 27.5 / 29 / 27.5+Show Bikes

The combination of 140 mm suspension and extra wide tires for all mountain and enduro experiences.

Stereo Hybrid 120 | 27.5 / 29 /27.5+Show Bikes

With extra grip on root trails and gravel roads -120 mm of suspension promises maximum riding pleasure.

Sting WLS Hybrid 140 / 120 | 27.5Show Bikes

Perfect for tours and trails, with quality features and geometry that is optimized for women.

Stereo Hybrid 160 HPA

We wouldn't call a bike "Action Team" and paint it red and blue without good reason. The Stereo Hybrid 160 has earned the right to wear this name because we're confident it can meet the stringent demands of performance enduro riding. From the new HPA frame to the Fox Factory suspension components and next generation Bosch drive, this e-MTB sets new standards in its class.

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Stereo Hybrid 120 C:62 SLT 500

This is the most exclusive version of the next generation Stereo Hybrid 120 - a quantum leap for performance-orientated trail e-MTBS. Then again, if you want to take it easy, you can simply enjoy the superb comfort of this exceptional bike on long rides.

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Bosch Motor - Biking with unknown dynamics

The new Drive Unit Performance CX is the ideal drive off -road. The powerhouse thrills trail enthusiasts with a torque of up to 75 Nm, powerful pedal assistance up to 300%, and a dedicated mountain bike design. Real flow on the trail with incredible drive.

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