News 10.02.2020

Hermans obtains his first podium for the Tormans Cyclo Cross Team

The final of the DVV Trophy was ridden around the lake from the Beekse Bergen in Lille, close to Antwerp, on a fast and varied course.

Quinten Hermans moved to the front after a mediocre start of the Krawatencross, with Corné Van Kessel suffering to keep up with the leading group. The Dutch rider never appeared at the front and missed the final podium of the DVV Trophy because of a bad day. Hermans lost some time because of a mechanical, but was soon back in second position, behind the lone leader Wout Van Aert. The positions didn't change anymore in the final, so the Belgian rider obtained his first podium for Tormans Cyclo Cross Team.

Quinten Hermans:
« A good start was important on this course, but I missed my pedal. However, I was soon at the front, and I was even leading the race after a crash of Laurens Sweeck. I continued my effort, hoping for my competitors to hesitate one moment. All was going well, until my shifter touched a barrier. I continued half a lap with small gear, and it was a nice feeling to drop te group for a second time and take my first podium for the Tormans Cyclo Cross Team. I'm already looking forward to the race in Merksplas tomorrow! »

Corné Van Kessel:
« From the start I felt that it would be a difficult day for me. I wasn't good and I made mistakes. It's a pity that I missed the final podium of the DVV Trophy because of this bad day. Hopefully I'm feeling better again tomorrow. »

Krawatencross Lille (DVV Trofee):
1. Wout Van Aert
2. Quinten Hermans +0:21
3. Toon Aerts +0:40
15. Corné Van Kessel +1:49

Eindklassement DVV Trofee:
1. Eli Iserbyt
2. Michael Vanthourenhout +5:19
3. Mathieu van der Poel +7:43
4. Corné Van Kessel +8:21
16. Quinten Hermans +27:48