News 15.04.2019

Guillaume Martin takes the first 2019 win on the Etna

Il Giro di Sicilia (2.1, 3-6/04) ended today at the top of the Etna. The Sicilian mountain was going to decide the final winner of the new Italian race, organized by RCS. The race exploded from the bottom of the Etna. The peloton was reduced to around 25 riders when Odd Eiking attacked with 17 km to go. He opened the road for nearly 10 kilometers before Dayer Quintana attacked. McNulty controlled and Guillaume Martin was in the best position in his wheel. The Frenchman attacked with 2 kilometers to go to take the team’s first win this season. He also finishes 2nd in the GC.

Guillaume Martin:

«It was not an easy win. Yesterday evening I hesitated to start today. Stage 3 was really difficult with the rain and I got a bit cold. I also had pain at my knee. This is not new as I suffer from my knee for almost 3 weeks but the cold did not help to recover. This morning, I was quite pessimistic but I wanted to battle for the win.»

«I knew I would not be able to take the final win so I chose for the stage win. Mc Nulty was really strong, so I am very happy with the 2nd position in the GC and the stage win in Sicily. I really enjoyed the region. Last year, I was already on altitude training camp on the Etna, but this time I could enjoy the tifosi. Now, I will take some rest. My next race will be Paris-Camembert.»

Stage 4:

1. Guillaume Martin

2. Fausta Masnada + 0:10

3. Dayer Quintana + 0:13

12. Odd Eiking + 2:40

33. Marco Minnaard + 9:47

35. Bart De Clercq + 0:47

40. Fabien Doubey + 12:48

72. Wesley Kreder + 19:55

DNF Alfdan De Decker


Final GC:

1. Brandon Mc Nulty

2. Guillaume Martin + 0:42

3. Fausto Masnada + 0:56

12. Odd Eiking + 3:25

33. Fabien Doubey + 14:49

35. Bart De Clercq + 16:38

55. Wesley Kreder + 26:46

58. Marco Minnaard + 27:50