What is the maximum body weight my cube bike is approved for?

What is the maximum body weight my CUBE Bike is approved for?

The approved maximal system weight is calculated by body weight + bycicle + luggage.

  • Road race: 115 kg
  • Cyclo Cross: 115 kg
  • Mountainbike: 115 kg
  • Hybrid Mountainbike: 115 kg
  • Hybrid Cross: 115 kg
  • Hybrid Trekking/Tour: 140 kg
  • Trekking/Tour: 140 kg
  • Kids’ Bike up to 16”: 30 kg
  • Kids’ Bike from 20”: 105 kg
  • BMX: 105 kg


These details apply for all bike frames of the brand CUBE, regardless of the used material or the frame size.


  • Body Weight incl. clothes: 80 kg
  • Bike Weight Mountainbike: 13 kg
  • Luggage e.g. backpack: 5 kg
  • In total: 98 kg


In the example above, the approved maximum system weight is not exceeded (Mountainbike:  115 kg) and therefore approved.

The limiting factors are mostly components – the approvals for them (e.g. impellers, handlebar, stem) are to be enquired by the particular manufacturer. If there is an exceedance of the system weight, it will probably be necessary to change serial components (lightweight components) such as

  • Wheelset (e.g. system wheelset with reduced spoke quantity)
  • Fork (e.g. fullcarbon fork)
  • Handlebar (e.g. thin-walled, lightweight construction)
  • Stem (e.g. carbon)
  • Or seatpost (e.g. thin-walled, carbon)

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